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Adeline Ségalen Ostéopathe D.O, prise en charge des nourissons, enfants et femmes enceintes, à Bruxelles, Uccle, Ixelles, Woluwé


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welcome to Adeline Ségalen Osteopath D.O

What is osteopathy ?

Osteopathy is a manual diagnostic and therapeutic approach to losses of joint and tissue mobility. In other words, it is a method of care that seeks to detect, by careful palpation, restrictions to joint , ligament, or muscle mobility, which can affect the overall balance of the human body


For who ?

A Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine can treat anyone, from infants to the elderly, including pregnant women. Treatment is adapted to the patient’s age, morphology, and the body area being treated. Armed with a variety of treatment techniques, the most comfortable technique is always chosen for each patient..


What is an osteopathic consultation ?

The consultation always begins with a review of the patient’s previous medical and radiological history. Using palpation and a thorough knowledge of the human body, areas of restricted movement are identified and a treatment plan to improve mobility is outlined. Different techniques are used to ensure care of the body as a whole.

A consultation lasts on average 45 minutes.

Patient are seen without referral.


To maka appointment 0491/73.90.00